Knitting Realness


Leave Me Alone! by Vera Brosgol. Roaring Brook, 2016. 9781626724419.

I read Brosgol’s Leave Me Alone! right after this awesome School Library Journal roundup judging the accuracy of knitting technique in picture books. (Though in the comments, there is some discussion about how the TV-antenna illustration style might be depicting the British “parlour-style” of knitting.) Add Brosgol to the list of who gets modern knitting style right.

The pitch: A knitter with a houseful of boisterous grandchildren can’t get any work done, so she packs up her yarn and tries to find a quiet place to work– the woods (where she is interrupted by bears), a mountain (where she is interrupted by goats), the moon (interrupted by aliens) until she finally finds the perfect spot to finish knitting 30 little sweaters.

This book is awfully cute, funny, and has gorgeous Russian-influenced art. And I wouldn’t mind having to read it to a little kid hundreds of times.