Drinking Like Cats and Dogs

Ohio Is for Sale by Jon Allen
Alternative Comics, 2016

Quick pitch: Slackers in a suburban wasteland hang out and have weird adventures.

ohio-is-for-saleThree guys (drawn as cats and dogs) live together in a house, its yard filled with old tires and cinderblocks, and have short-story length adventures. After hanging out at 7-Eleven, one accidentally sets his ride’s car on fire. When he gets a job typing numbers while sitting in an electroshock chair to pay for the car, a horrible coworker gets him fired for stealing a candy bar. Another of the guys is accidentally killed while breaking windows at an abandoned building but finds his way out of hell (after the devil puts the moves on him) along with a crowd of demons. I really liked these stories!

Pair with: Clerks, Apathy and Other Small Victories by Paul Neilan, jPod by Douglas Coupland, the music of The Dead Milkmen, and beer.