Not So Speedy Delivery

Sometimes It’s Storks by L.J.R. Kelly, illustrated by The Brothers Hilts. G. P. Putnam’s Sons, 2017. 9780399256820.

sometimesstorksA young child is told the story of how they arrived: by stork, but with a lot of detours along the way. You see, the stork left the baby on a rock while he looked for a snack and the baby was snatched up by a crocodile, only to be given to a school of bream, then to a whale, and on and on. The baby traveled the world, trailed by an exasperated stork that was always one step behind. Finally, someone spotted the label on the baby’s knee and they were sent on home by parcel post.
The illustrations are done in beautiful, muted colors with bold shapes that look like overlapping stamps or maybe collage, in almost Marimekko-ish patterns. Any of the pictures would look at home framed on your wall. The baby’s face is two circle eyes, a triangle nose, and a line mouth, but you can easily read its (often delighted) expressions through the adventure. This would be a really fun bedtime story.

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