The Thief Thief

Thief of Thieves Volume 1: I Quit by Robert Kirkman, Nick Spencer, and Shawn Martinbrough. Image, 2012. 9781607065920.

thief-of-thieves-1Contains Thief of Thieves #1 – #7.

Thief of Thieves Volume 2: Help Me by by Robert Kirkman, James Asmus, Andy Diggle, and Shawn Martinbrough. Image, 2013. 9781607066767.

Contains Thief of Thieves #8 – #13.

Thief of Thieves Volume 3: Venice by Robert Kirkman, Andy Diggle, Felix Serrano, Shawn Martinbrough.  Image, 2014. 9781607068440.

Contains Thief of Thieves # 14 – #19.

Thief of Thieves Volume 4: The Hit List by Andy Diggle and Shawn Martinbrough. Created by Robert Kirkman.  Image, 2014.  9781632150370.

Contains Thief of Thieves #20 – #25.

Redmond, the greatest thief of his generation, retires on the eve of a 9-man job that is set to be the heist of the millennium. He’s just successfully sued the FBI for harrassment. He tells his ex-wife that he wants their old life back. But their son Augustus is a bit of an idiot, as well as a poor thief who trades on his father’s reputation. He’s just been arrested in the middle of a drug bust. Will the feds get him to give up his father? Can Redmond make the case against his son go away? What about the debt Augustus owes to the drug cartel for the job he f-ed up?

Of course he can’t retire. Of course Redmond has to pull that big heist, the Venice job. And of course it looks like everything is going to come apart around him.

Smart, violent, and very entertaining, these were the perfect graphic novels to read after my computer crashed last week — I was in a foul mood and needed a distraction while waiting and waiting and waiting for the repair. I haven’t rooted for the “bad” guys this much since Heist

thief-of-thieves-2  thief-of-thieves-3  thief-of-thieves-4

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