Teen Cupid

Jonesy Volume 1, by Sam Humphries and Caitlin Rose Boyle. Boom! Box, 2016. 9781608868834.

jonesyHigh school student Jonesy has recently discovered her superpower: she can make people fall in love with anyone or anything she wants, a power she first discovered when the anime characters she shipped started a romance. The only catch? She can’t make anyone fall in love with her. This amazing power complicates her life a little as she has various adventures: clashing with a popular girl, writing a zine about her favorite band, helping out at her dad’s doughnut shop, and hating on the prom.

The colors in this graphic novel are hard-candy bright, the panels are crammed with motion, the faces are simple and expressive, and everyone feels things intensely — Jonesy especially, who is introduced giving her lists of things that RULE and things that SUCK.

I could booktalk this to teen readers by telling them how very old it makes me feel (in a good way). Back in my day, this kind of intense, girl focused, pop culture literate, queer- and minority-inclusive comic would never have been published. That SUCKED. Jonesy RULES. I’m going to be keeping my eye on Boom! Box, who also published Teen Dog, a similarly candy-colored but slightly more mellow high school story featuring (have you guessed?) a super cool teen dog and his friends.

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