If I Can Make It Then, I Can Make It Anywhen

Make: ReMaking History, Volume 1, Early Makers by William Gurstelle. Maker Media, 2016. 9781680450606.

(a book review in one act)

Man: Honey, why is there a pile of iron pipe on the front lawn?
Woman: Oh, little Dougie is learning about history! And science!
Man, looking worriedly out the window:  History of what, plumbing?
Woman: No, metalworking! He’s re-creating an Oliver, a type of mechanical hammer used by medieval blacksmiths! The book of projects he got is full of wonderful ideas based on ancient, medieval, and pre-modern technological breakthroughs: a working water-screw! a Tantalus cup! a circumferentor! We spent all day at the hardware store.
Man: He’s… not going to work red hot metal in the yard, is he?
Woman, laughing: Oh, of course not! It’s just a replica. I’m not sure what he’s going to hit with it.
Man: I’m just going to go find the cat.
(off stage)
Sound effect: A hammer striking iron.
Sound effect: Meeeeeooooowwww!

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