National Review Books In Poems Month

Pasadena by Sherri L. Smith. Random House, 2016. 9781101996256.
A guest review in verse by Murphy’s Mom because: National Poetry Month

Summer vacation has been ruined for the sunbathing Jude and her cousin.

They were enjoying sights and sun of Hollywood when the phone call came in.

Jude’s best friend / drama queen / glamour puss Maggie Kim was dead in her pool.

Maggie was always one for hysterics. But she is really gone,

Killed by an enemy, or who knows, it might have been someone she called a friend.

Parents and coroners alike want to believe Maggie took her own life.

But if it was murder…


Everyone is a suspect during the Kim family’s time of anguish and strife.

Jude knew her better than everyone;

they would gossip, laugh, and get snarky by the pool as they soaked up the rays.

Now with Maggie dead and gone, Jude knows her responsibility,

to keep the braying hyenas and blood-thirsty sharks (their so-called friends) at bay

while looking for answers.

But her own skeletons are rising to the surface.

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