Love Your Clothes for Longer

Fix Your Clothes by Raleigh Briggs. Microcosm Publishing, 2017. 9781621069065.

If you want to opt out of the consumer-driven everything-is-disposable society (or just save some cash) you need to pick up this book on the basics of clothing repair. Its zine-style is friendly and empowering, a nice change of pace from those sewing books that assume you want to learn everything about clothing construction before you learn repair skills. It teaches basic stitches,  including how to start and end your stitching with easy knots. (I was always terrified of everything pulling out, but no more!) Then you’re on to buttons and repairing busted seams. Hole in your clothes? Fix it by sewing on patches (in your choice of nearly-invisible or quick and dirty punk-patch) and darning holes (a technique left out of a lot of sewing books). Love those thrift store pants but the legs are too long? Get a handle on hemming. Even if you never pick up a needle, you need this book for the section on how to fix a broken zipper. Added bonus: learn how to waterproof everything from tents to shoes.

I can think of a lot of friends who will love this book and it will make the perfect gift for young people newly out on their own.

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