Graphic Novellas

These two graphic novels are short and kid friendly but would appeal to older comics fans looking for light, fun stories, too.

Night Air by Ben Sears. Koyama Press, 2016. 9781927668290.

A futuristic story about a boy in goggles and his friend, a robot. They’re on the run from poker players who don’t like losing (or the fact that the kid was cheating). On a train to Apple City to search the junk shops, a hooded stranger tells them about an old castle full of treasure on the outskirts of town. The key he gives them fits the giant padlock on the door. Inside they meet treasure hunters (now cursed) and the weird couple collecting them.

The book’s amazing colors would have attracted me even if the quote from John Martz on the back cover hadn’t already.

Elf Cat In Love by James Kochalka. Retrofit / Big Planet Comics, 2016. 9781940398501.

This story, on the other hand, is black and white, but it captures all the fun Kochalka can have telling a weird story even better than the full color books he’s been doing recently. In fact I haven’t felt like he was having this good a time since Peanut Butter & Jeremy, which is still my favorite book by him.

Elf Cat and (a magic, talking) Tennis Ball go in search of the fabled Ice Sword but find a frozen foot-long hotdog. Tennis Ball wants to know if Elf Cat is now going to go save a princess? (He’s not.) And also if he thinks she’s pretty. (Tennis Ball is a girl.) Then a gigantic princess shows up and eats them both. And that’s just in the first chapter.

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