Teenage Rebellion Is Fun

Joyride Volume 1: Ignition by Jackson Lanzing, Collin Kelly, Marcus To, Irma Kniivila. BOOM! 2016. 9781608869510. 112pp. Contains Joyride #1 – #4

In the future, Earth is ruled by a controlling Triumvirate that speaks of the evil that “lurks in the darkness of space.” They’ve built a shell around the planet to keep humans safe (or is it just to keep them under control)?

Uma and Dewydd have a daring escape plan. During their flight across the dark side of the moon to hitch a ride with a passing alien, a young soldier (Catrin) tries to stop them, but gets pulled into the alien starship as well. (Minor spoilers ahead). The villainous alien plans to make them slaves, but that doesn’t work out for him, and by the end of the first chapter the teens have their own spaceship and the freedom to head for the stars. Their only problems: Uma is a little crazy, Dewydd and Catrin both have secrets, and the Triumvirate sends its best soldiers (including Dewydd’s brother) after them.

Marcus To’s art is always upbeat, and here it seems to feed on the joy of teen rebellion. It reminds me of Mark Waid’s run on Legion of the Super Heroes, and that it’s time to dig up the issues of Joe Casey’s uncollected teenage superhero masterpiece The Intimates from my longboxes.

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