CatStronauts Are Go!

CatStronauts Book 1: Mission Moon by Drew Brockington. Little Brown, 2017. 9780316307475. 160pp.

CatStronauts Book 2: Race to Mars by Drew Brockington. Little Brown, 2017. 9780316307482. 184pp.

These two graphic novels for young kids were just released simultaneously. I have amazing advanced copies that are a black and white, but from what I see online it looks like the actual books are being printed in color.

In Book 1, the world is facing an energy crisis. To save the day, four cat astronauts (Blanket, Pom Pom, Waffles, and Major Meowser) must set up a solar power plant on the lunar surface. Blanket wants to bring his experimental cat-stro-bot along (and does so against orders). Waffles brings way too many snacks. The Major has to keep them on track and training (none of them likes getting wet during a water landing) while the cats at mission control focus on constructing a new rocket.

In Book 2, the Cosmocats, the first cats in space resent the accolades being heaped upon the CatStronauts and want to reclaim their place in history. From SOCKS (Society of Cosmic Kitten Services) they begin planning a mission to Mars. Two other space programs, MEOW and COOKIE have also joined the race to be the first to set paws on the red planet, along with the CatStronauts. There’s a potential disaster en route, though, and only cooperation can save the day.

These aren’t full of science lessons or anything, but they’re fun stories and move right along. I know that if I’d read them as a kid they would have sent me out to find more info on both the Moon and Mars, at the very least.

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