Alternate Futures, Alternate Pasts

William Gibson’s Archangel, script by William Gibson and Michael St. John Smith, art by Butch Guice, Alejandro Barrionuevo, and Wagner Reis, inks by Tom Palmer and Butch Guice, colors by Diego Rodruiguez and Wes Dzioba, letters by Shawn Lee and Gilberto Lazcano, editing by Michael Benedetto, series editor David Hedgecock. Collects Archangel #1-5. IDW, 2017. 9781631408755.

In a post-apocalyptic present, the vice president is surgically altered to look like his grandfather, an OSS officer, and sent to 1945 to take his place and change the course of history. Back in the present, a technician reveals herself to be part of a resistance movement, takes over the time travel facility, and sends Marines and a stealth aircraft back to stop him. A British intelligence officer in 1945 tries to piece together what appears to be the fiery crash of a UFO and question its pilots, who look like tattooed circus freaks. Everyone has their eye on the bomb that will be dropped on Hiroshima.

The story is a rip-roaring, nonstop adventure — I wasn’t surprised to see that it started as a screenplay — with a good balance of cinematic action and science fiction tech.

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