One Memoir A Day

High on Arrival: A Memoir by Mackenzie Phillips, Gallery Books, 2011. 9781439153864. 320pp.

Guest review by Murphy’s Mom

I remember watching Mackenzie Phillips on TV as Julie Cooper on One Day At A Time. I was too young to know who her father was, let alone how twisted her real life really was.

Her father, Papa John Phillips, from the 1970’s band The Mamas and Papas, was in and out of Mackenzie’s life. Whenever he came around to visit, he was usually high or drunk or both. To maintain a relationship with him, Mackenzie began do drugs with him at an alarmingly young age (11). Her father is the one who injected her with cocaine the first time she got high.

Mackenzie is utterly blunt and honest about her failed stints in rehab and getting fired from One Day... But the most horrific part of her memoir is when she talks about the time she woke up from a blackout in bed with her father.  The two continued a consensual sexual relationship for 10 years! 

I feel sorry for her if that’s the truth, but honestly, it would be worse if she is lying for attention. This is one of the most sick and twisted celebrity memoirs — if you’re like me, you’ll probably keep reading it for the shock value alone.

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