Underground Comix

Cave Carson Has A Cybernetic Eye Volume 1: Going Underground by Jon Rivera, Gerard Way, and Michael Avon Oeming. DC Comics / Young Animal, 2017. 9781401270827. Publisher’s Rating: Suggested for Mature Readers. Contains #1 – #6 of the comic series.

An amazing creative team resurrects a mostly forgotten DC Comics underground adventurer for this weird and somewhat hallucinatory title, part of Way’s new Young Animal imprint at DC.

Cave Carson’s wife has just died. (She had a secret origin, which plays into the story later.) His daughter is at school, and probably a bit screwed up by their past as a family of adventurers plus, you know, her mom’s death. Cave has an office job at the company where he stole the original Mighty Mole (imagine the Batmobile if it tunneled underground). Oh, and Cave has a robot eye that lets him see things. The company is training a team of young folks to go underground in the Mighty Mole Mk 2 and then… well, some kind of creature erupts from a Muldroogan warrior who has come to tell Cave of the danger to the underground city. Cave’s boss wants his daughter’s help, because he somehow knows her secret. Soon Cave, Chloe, and Cave’s friend, a hockey mask wearing hero called Wild Dog are on their way to the underground city in the once again stolen Mighty Mole, pursued by company agents in the Mk 2, ready to face creatures right out of Dune and Hellboy. It’s violent, kinda psychedelic, and really lighthearted, and Avon Oeming’s  art makes the whole story skip along like an old Hanna Barbara cartoon.

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