Riders! In Space!

Space Riders Volume 1 by Fabian Rangel Jr. and Alexis Ziritt. Black Mask, 2015. 9781628751093.  Collects Space Riders #1 – #4. Publisher’s Rating: M / Mature.

“There’s nothing subtle about Space Riders, and that’s what makes it so great!…”  – John Arcude (BPRD, Rumble) from the back of the book


If Benjamin Marra (Terror Assaulter, American Blood) and Jack Kirby had a baby that collaborated with Johnny Ryan on a space opera graphic novel, you might get this. Which means it’s full of cursing, violence, old school art and colors that seem to demand to be placed under black light. There’s a green woman in an armored bikini, a spaceship that looks like a skull, and more gunfire and laser blasts than is reasonable. Plus lots of classic Kirby Krackle. (But none of that Kirby Krackle though it’s also awesome)

You don’t need to know any specifics about the plot. If you are drawn to any of the above, you’ll love this.

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