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I Hate Everyone But You Gaby Dunn and Allison Raskin. Wednesday Books, 2017. 9781250129321.

Gen and Ava were best friends in high school despite their differences. Now Ava is staying near home to attend film school at USC while Gen is moving across country for journalism school at Emerson. They keep in touch through constant email and texts, starting even before Gen leaves. (And I do mean constant: the 344 page book only covers their first semester.) The writing is hilarious, and along the way each of them starts to figure out who they are, make new friends and meet peers, and explore sex and relationships.

Not every book about young adults is a book for young adults. Some are much more enjoyable (and make more sense) for people looking back on that age rather than looking forward. I think there will definitely be high school students who will enjoy this book as humor, but older readers will enjoy a more nuanced story about self-discovery, friendship, and becoming an adult. Those older readers may also enjoy the authors’ YouTube show, Just Between Us, where they play versions of themselves that are very similar to how Gen and Ava would be in their 20s — and it’s one of the real-world things Gen recommends to Ava in the book.

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