The Neverending Substitution

The Infinite Vacation by Nick Spencer and Christian Ward. Image / Shadowline, 2013. 9781607067214. Contains Infinite Vacation #1 – #5. Publisher’s Rating: M / Mature.

The multiverse if full of yous living lives of endless possibility. Infinite Vacation makes it possible to trade places with other (better?) version of yourself in the multiverse (for a price). Mark averages 9.7 life-changes per day, but he never ends up in a life where he wants to stay. There is a small group of folks who don’t jump to new realities (Deadenders). Shortly after Mark tries to hit on one, three versions of himself break into his house: a redneck, a nudist, and a hacker. Someone is killing Marks across the multiverse, and these three survived the attempts on their lives. So they hide this Mark the only place no one will ever look, with the Deadenders. (This does not work out.)

It’s all a little crazy, and Ward’s art makes the weirdness sing. My favorite bits are the adverts, which feature photo comics of smarmy marketing people explaining infinite vacations. The worst parts feature psycho cannibal Mark, who is on the trail of our hero (main Mark?), who likes to not only kill and eat different versions of himself but do much worse. (You may want to skip a few pages in the middle of the book. There’s some gruesome, sick stuff that didn’t seem entirely necessary, but it’s pretty contained, and the rest of the book made it worth it. I think. But then I may just be scarred for life.)

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