Me and My Shadow

Lighter Than My Shadow by Katie Green. Lion Forge / Roar, 2017. 9781941302415. 516pp.
Green’s graphic novel memoir takes her from being a picky eater as child to having an eating disorder to trying to heal from it as a young adult. Along the way she becomes anorexic, binge eats, spends time in in-patient therapy and counseling, and is treated by a creepy “healer” who takes advantage of the time he spends alone with her. The book shows the hardship of Katie’s condition by taking as much time (and as many pages) as needed to allow us to see her mindset, so that we can experience her difficulties with her. Her bad thoughts are usually shown as scribbles that hover around her and surround her and at times engulf her, removing her from the real world. The way she shows us her naked body at different moments, sometimes thin, sometimes normal, but at other times distorted by her thoughts, is some of the bravest, most personal art I’ve never seen. Fantastic book. 

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