Ho Ho!

Klaus: How Santa Claus Began by Grant Morrison and Dan Mora. BOOM!, 2017. 9781608869039. Originally published as Klaus #1 – #7.

This is going to be spoilery, but here’s my no spoilers pitch. Morrison is one of the best writers of superhero comics (All-Star Superman), he writes subversive stories about magic (The Invisibles), and he can be filthy (The Filth) (which isn’t strictly relevant). In his speech at the Disinformation Con he talks about being abducted by aliens in Kathmandu as the acid he took before he went onstage takes effect. (I may be messing that up, it’s from memory — or perhaps I’m hallucinating myself — if I watched that again right now my head would explode.) That guy wrote a Santa Claus graphic novel illustrated with the beautifully heroic art of Dan Mora? You should just go read it.

If that’s enough for you, check it out.

If not, a bit more: it’s mythical (and of course a bit nonsensical) in that way good superhero origin stories are. There’s a walled city, corrupt guards, a ruler who keeps all the kids (except his own) from having toys. Parents who toil in mines for coal. Oh, and in a true Grant Morrison beings-from-other-dimensions touch, Klaus drinks magic drinks and communes with the spirits/beings who are or are behind the northern lights, and who also make toys. Santa kicks some ass, too, with swords no less. And there’s a demon, but Klaus’s best buddy is a huge white wolf so don’t worry.

It’s really enjoyable even when winter isn’t coming. But, you know, it’s here, so…

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